How to Decorate a Kids Bedroom On a Budget in Grantham

24th June 2022
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When it comes to decorating a kid’s bedroom, the cost of new (and fun-looking) furniture and wall art can often become very expensive.

Luckily, there are cheaper ways to spruce up a child’s bedroom to make it look playful – some of which you can simply do yourself or even as a fun activity with the kids!

In this article, we’ll share our top tips on how to decorate a kid’s bedroom on a budget.

1. Upcycle Furniture

Buying new furniture can be expensive. But there’s no need to invest in new stuff to make chests of drawers and side tables look more kid-friendly! Upcycling furniture is a trend that’s great for the bank account and the environment. Instead of buying something new, simply paint your old furniture (or pick up something second hand) in a fun colour. It can be as simple as just painting one or two draws in a chest a different colour.

2. Frame Their Artwork

If your children are always doodling and sketching, a great way of showcasing their works of art (and decorating their bedrooms) is to frame a few pieces and hanging them up on the walls in a methodical pattern. If you don’t want to use hammers and nails, you can fix their drawings to the walls using coloured washi tape instead of an actual frame. It’ll look fab and fun!

3. Paint Wall Effects

Wallpaper is relatively cheap to buy. But paying someone to hang it (or buying the necessary products to do it yourself) can make it somewhat expensive. Instead, many people decorate a feature wall in a kid’s bedroom by using painters’ tape (to separate the wall into a criss-cross pattern) and then using different colours to paint the shapes. With a good colour scheme, it’ll look fun for the kids and nice for visitors!

4. Add Wall Stickers

Adding wall stickers is another great way of decorating a kid’s bedroom on a budget. Since these can often be cheaper than buying – and hanging – wallpaper, it’s a popular choice for many parents wanting to make a kids’ bedroom appear friendlier. Stickers like rainbows, clouds, suns or quotes work well with any colour scheme.

5. Create Visually Appealing Storage Areas

Adding storage facilities to a kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to involve buying expensive cupboards. Instead, you can get creative and make your own DIY storage solution! Try adding wall hooks or a coat rack under a window or along the lower part of an empty wall. Then use baskets, canvas bags or fancy-dress outfits to make it a decorative area in the room.

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