Are You Selling Your Home In Grantham? Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Your Garden!

23rd June 2023
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Giving Your Garden A Makeover Can Create Additional Value To Your Home


Many sellers in Grantham are surprised to discover that an attractive garden can add as much as 20% to the value of their home. In fact, at Secure My Sale Estate Agents Grantham, we’ve found that giving your garden a makeover can add more value to your home compared to building a new extension, conservatory or replacing a kitchen – and at a far lower price.

Simply adding a new patio, some smart new fencing, or decking can make any home more desirable to prospective buyers. So, why is your garden so important when it comes to selling your home? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should focus your efforts on your outdoor spaces before listing your property for sale in Grantham.


It Will Add Value


Did you know that there are eight features that can be added to your garden to add significant value to your property’s asking price? They are:

  • A high-quality patio or paved area
  • A medium or large shed
  • Secure gates, walls, and fences
  • Sufficient outdoor lighting
  • Water features such as ponds or fountains
  • Sturdy decking
  • Artificial grass
  • Well-designed and attractive garden furniture

Simply adding some or all of these features to your outdoor spaces can have a major positive impact on the desirability of your home without costing the earth.


It Will Show You Care About Your Property


Most sellers ensure that the inside of their property is clean and tidy before hosting a viewing, and it’s important to extend that attitude to your outdoor spaces too. If your home has a front garden or driveway, it will give any prospective buyer their first impression of your property, and kerb appeal is absolutely vital.

Unattractive hanging baskets full of dead plants, broken garden furniture, and an overgrown lawn will give viewers the impression that you don’t really care about your property and will make them think negatively about it before they even step through your front door. If they have done a ‘drive-by’ beforehand, it could even put them off viewing your home at all.


It Shows Character


No matter how much you spend on adding a new bathroom or kitchen to your home, at some future time, it will probably look outdated. Furthermore, similar kitchen and bathroom designs are found in lots of different houses, but your garden is an individual and creative space that gives you the opportunity to show your own unique flair.

If you want to show character in your property, your outdoor spaces are a great way to do this, although it’s wise to keep your garden refurbishments and renovations to a moderate level when planning a sale, since potential buyers always have a vision of their own for how they’d like the space to look after moving in.

If you’re ready to sell your home in Grantham and need a reliable estate agent, our team at Secure My Sale Estate Agents Grantham is at your disposal. Give us a call today on 01476825258 or drop us an email at to get the ball rolling.

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